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Halmstad Brass nov 2017-fb


The swedish orchestra Halmstad Brass is an active orchestra with around 30 members.

The orchestra was founded in 1972 and has over the years continuously performed in our hometown Halmstad and over large parts of Sweden and Europe. Some of the musicians are professional, but most of them are amateurs who play together once a week.

Halmstad Brass participates regularly in the Swedish championships in Brassband and has reached good success over the years. Halmstad Brass is a non-profit organization without political or religious bonding.


The repertoire are broad and are tailored to audiences and the opportunity – marches, hymns, film music, pop or ensemble music! The orchestra has even played medieval time music at Halmstad 700th anniversary celebrations.


Johan Erling, chairman

Halmstad Brass • Box 291 • SE-301 07 Halmstad, SWEDEN

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